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A Bit About Me

I'm Heather, an Adult/Gero Nurse Practitioner, proudly trained at UCSF. My firsthand experience in oncology and assisting patients with chronic diseases led me to embrace the philosophy of functional medicine. To me, functional medicine poses an essential question: "How can we proactively nurture our health today to prevent illness tomorrow?"


I stand firmly in the realm of evidence-based treatments. Steering clear of pseudoscience, my research has crystallized into four pillars:


To prevent disease, we need to eat better. 

To prevent disease, we need to eat less. 

To prevent disease, we need to move. 

To prevent disease, we need to improve our mental health.  


(And by the way, if you already have disease, doing these things will undoubtedly help, at least in some regard)

I believe that continuous learning paves the way for a healthier, enriched life. My educational journey has equipped me with certifications from:


  • The Institute of Functional Medicine (AFMCP)

  • Professional Culinary Training

  • Pain Reprocessing Therapy

  • Somatica Sex and Relationship Coaching Program


On a personal note, I grappled with chronic pain from endometriosis for five long years. Through determination, knowledge, and the above methods I'm now living a pain-free life.


Health is always possible. 

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